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Dries Peeten, born in 1994 and raised in Pelt (Belgium), has been passionate about drawing and painting from an early age. He started taking lessons in 2000 at the Art Academy North-Limburg and as an autodidact he immersed himself in the art of drawing and painting by means of books and tutorials. Dries's graphic work is characterised by figurative subjects and a fine, ludic style. With a bright use of colour and an eye for details, he creates scenes that draw the viewer in. His works arouse the desire to look again and again, thereby discovering new elements.


From an early age, Dries has won a number of prizes with his work:

In 2012, as an 18-year-old, Dries had the opportunity to show his work to the public at the exhibition 'Pelt in zènne nakse - Overpelt in zijn blootje' in CC Palethe. Inspired by proverbs in the local dialect, he drew and painted cartoons with social and political subjects as a common thread. With more than 2500 visitors, the exhibition was a great success.


Since then, Dries has worked on various projects. In 2014, he was given carte-blanche for the drawings on the windows of the renovated Rehabilitation and MS Centre in Overpelt, 'Resilience in Reflection'. In addition, in 2015 he painted a life-sized artwork in the entrance hall of Sports Centre De Bemvoort, depicting the dynamics of the athlete. Nowadays Dries works more frequently on commission. He draws both portraits and personalised cartoons on demand and he creates paintings and illustrations for various occasions. In his free work, Dries searches for ways to merge drawing techniques on paper with digital colouring techniques.

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After his studies in Latin Sciences at WICO Campus Mater Dei in Overpelt, Dries followed his other passion: motion and the human body. In 2017 he obtained the Master in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy at the Catholic University of Leuven, majoring in musculoskeletal rehabilitation with specialization in manual therapy. Since then, Dries has been working as a physiotherapist at the KINEOS group practice in Pelt. More information:


Starting from scientific knowledge and a broad interest in moving body and mind, Dries searches for the appropriate treatment for each patient. This may involve manual therapy, exercise therapy, strength and stabilisation training, advice and exercise schedules.


After his studies, Dries followed various refresher courses, symposiums and webinars:


  • ComplexCore: core stabilisation in training and therapy (Roman Jahoda)

  • Tendon problems & robot-assisted knee replacement (Noorderhart Pelt)

  • Rotator cuff pathology: from diagnosis to rehabilitation (Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen)

  • Rehabilitation of Achilles tendinopathy (Evi Wezenbeek, UGent)

  • Exercise therapy for degenerative rotator cuff tears (Ann Cools, UGent)

  • Iliotibial band pain in runners: treatment strategies (Rich Willy, University of Montana)

  • Trends and controversies in knee surgery (AZ Alma Eeklo)

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With his brother and guitarist/pianist Gert Peeten (graduated as Master of Music at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven), Dries took his first steps in music. In 2011, the brothers founded the band RiveR of StoneS together with guitarist Romy Aben. Their sound: a fresh mix of folk, pop and rock. In 2015 they released their EP 'In Front of You', with lyrics and music of their own.

In 2016 the brothers started the acoustic duo / trio Tumbling Clouds. Musical ingredients: harmonious vocals, acoustic guitars, piano and violin. In this musical group, the violinists Britt Raymaekers, An-Sofie Cloet, Gloria Vancoillie and Vérane Bertrand perform alternately with the brothers. Tumbling Clouds focuses on performances in intimate settings (weddings, living room concerts, ceremonies, inaugurations...) where the acoustic character of the music can be fully appreciated.


More info about Tumbling Clouds:
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Dries also plays bass in the band Floris and the Flames. The music group was founded in 2017 together with his redheaded friends Floris Willem (violin), Gert Peeten (piano, guitar, electronics) and Simon Schrooten (drums, percussion). Composer-arranger Laurent Beeckmans writes music for the group together with Floris and his Flames. Floris and the Flames mixes classical music with other genres such as folk, pop, rock, jazz and Latin. Their sound is distinctive, eclectic and virtuosic. They love to adapt classical masterpieces (Bach, Vivaldi, Paganini, Glass...) and put them in a new hip 'Flames-jacket' (link). The band was a guest at BOZAR in Brussels (Henry Le Boeufzaal) (link), television programme De Ideale Wereld on Canvas (link), Expo 2020 Dubai (link),Festival d'Uzerche (France), MuTh Konzertsaal der Wiener Sängerknaben (Austria), Italienisches Kulturinstitut Wien (Austria), the European Music Festival for Youth in Neerpelt (link) and the Summer Evenings (B-Classic) in Bokrijk. They also regularly perform in cultural centres all over Flanders. With their energetic performances, they set listeners on fire and hope to make the world a better place.

More info about Floris and the Flames:

RiveR of StoneS - v.l.n.r. Jan Cornelissen, Anouk Neyens, Gert Peeten, Dries Peeten, An-Sofie Cloet, Romy Aben - © Hanne Peeten
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