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Drive (A State of Doggedness)
- 2015

In the entrance hall of Sports Centre De Bemvoort in Overpelt, 'Drive (A State of Doggedness)', a life-sized artwork by Dries Peeten, is being exposed since September 2015. It reflects the sporty achievements daily performed in the Sports Centre. Dries was inspired for his work by the poem 'Sport' by Overpelt's village poet Lieze Mondelaers.

streep 4.jpg

The work shows the limits of human ability, from an unseen driving force. The limits of what is possible are exceeded, facing the confrontation with the limits of the human body. The painful grimaces of the athletes illustrate this. The work therefore closely connects to the poem 'Sport' by village poet Lieze Mondelaers, giving a face to the pain and determination of the athlete.

"The title reflects the dynamics of the artwork."

Drive: dynamics, thrust, propulsion, energy, locomotion, boost, impetus, stimulus.
A State of Doggedness: a state of determination.


Alderwoman for culture Ann Van Dorpe: "As a city council, we are super proud to be able to support a collaboration between two creative top talents from Overpelt. The result of this collaboration is simply wonderful. The feeling of athletic effort in the poem and the detail in the finish of the artwork, including painful grimaces, are undoubtedly a source of inspiration for all athletes who walk into the Sports Centre from now on."

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streep 4.jpg
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