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Intergalactic Ark of Music

- 2019

In this new series of illustrations, Dries hypothetically asked himself: who would he take on his intergalactic ark if our planet was doomed to collapse? Which artists made a memorable impression? He’d offer them a seat in his spaceship and they’d leave on an interstellar survival trip, destination unknown.

Dries’s ark has no limits: there is place for artists of all genres, with an impressive stage personality and a strong musical identity as a common thread.

With subtle lines on soft coloured backgrounds Dries drew musicians who have left a mark on the music scene and, moreover, impress(ed) on stage. None of them can be caught in one single pose, but he portrayed them in that typically iconic posture that’s in our collective mind forever, burnt like a constellation on a sky map.


Welcome to the Intergalactic Ark of Music. Who’s in?


streep 4.jpg

On social media, the series was very well received. Dries's works were shared on Instagram by Selah Sue, Iggy Pop, Joost Zweegers, Lianne La Havas and others. He also received reactions from artists like Angèle, Stijn Meuris, Noémie Wolfs, Portland and Bart Peeters.

"Really beautiful and very recognisable."

- Bart Peeters - 

During the Classics 1000 on Radio 1 some of Dries's drawings were noticed:

Radio 1 - Classics 1000
00:00 / 00:25


streep 4.jpg

In the press

streep 4.jpg
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